tbdm live

We may be right of the cusp of the release of the new Black Dahlia Murder record Everblack, but that hasn’t stopped the band supporting their previous album Ritual, with the recent release of a live video of, what was by far the stand-out track, ‘Moonlight Equilibrium‘. Now I understand the band’s amazing chops may be the most immediate thing for most people, but for anyone like myself  who has seen the band quite a few times now, the most shocking revelation was the fact that vocalist Trevor Strnad is actually wearing a t-shirt.


As it turned out, the Youtube comments are in full agreement with me. It just came all too sudden for me, I’m considering boycotting Everblack until Strnad goes back to his normally shirtless ways but I’m honestly not sure I could hold out as the teasers for the album have been pretty mindblowing.

Everblack will destroy you come June 11th, through Metal Blade Records.

– DL

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