I was actually aware that Canadian grinders Fuck The Facts were working on anything new, but, fuck it, this is great news. The band have released a new track ‘L’enclume Et Le Marteau‘ (which roughly translates to ‘The Anvil And Hammer’), from their upcoming EP Amer, and naturally it slays. For a band that are known to be a staple of the grindcore genre, they sure take the genre approach and twist it viciously, mixing in mid-tempo grooves and some surprisingly catchy and melodic riffs alongside the traditional sheer blastbeat fury that is a cornerstone of the genre.


Any previous fans of the band will find more than enough to sink their teeth into and, if you’re a grind fan that has somehow got to this point without checking these guys out, I’m certain you’ll be able to see why these guys are so widely praised.

Amer will available from June 18th, apparently (I may be wrong) in 10-inch vinyl format, cassette or as a digital download. Don’t miss out.

– DL

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