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“The Wave” is a term that was said as a joke about the new wave of post-hardcore bands, including the likes of La Dispute, Make Do And Mend, and Defeater. The latter has been one of the most captivating bands out of this wave, and their albums are always really emotive and energetic. In keeping with the two year write-record-tour cycle, the band has recorded their upcoming studio album Letters Home and are set to release it July 16th via Bridge Nine Recordings.

Derek Archambault, the vocalist, had this to say in regards to the sound:

“Inspiration for this record came from a few places. Much like with Lost Ground, these stories are based around my two grandfathers’ service in WWII. Musically the record hearkens back to Travels and Lost Ground. EDSN was a bit of a departure for us, and I think we took some good chances on that record but Letters Home brings it back to why we started this band in the first place five years ago.”

Sounds promising! I personally enjoyed the new direction they took with EDSN, but it’s awesome that the band decided to go back to their roots. View the track list below:

01 – “Bastards“
02 – “No Shame“
03 – “Hopeless Again“
04 – “Blood In My Veins“
05 – “No Relief“
06 – “No Faith“
07 – “Dead Set“
08 – “No Savior“
09 – “Rabbit Foot“
10 – “Bled Out“


[via The PRP]

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