We think pretty highly of Arsonists Get All The Girls, even going as far as to say that their 2009 album Portals is among one of the greatest albums in the deathcore genre. I personally thought the band had hit their stride and continued to rise, but following their 2011 album Motherland, their contract with Century Media expired and the band lost two members. These arsonists aren’t stopping though, instead announcing that their new lineup (featuring original vocalist Remi Rodberg) will release their upcoming album Listen to the Color independently via Bandcamp.

Here’s the press release, featuring band quotes and a tracklist for the new record:

Listen to the Coloris a 15-track collection of AGATG resurrecting their thrashy quirky roots. The album was recorded with Zack Ohren (Animosity, All Shall Parish). The album clocks in at approximately 30 minutes and features many guest vocals from Cameron Reed (former vocals/keyboardist AGATG), Rob Smith (Heavy Heavy Low Low/Downstaaiirs), Kevin McCaughey (Ion Dissonance), Robby Bancroft (Five Characters In Search of an Exit).

Vocalist Jared Monette has left the band on good terms to pursue a different career choice. Bassist Greg Howell comments on their vocalist change, “When Jared stepped down it felt natural to bring Remi back into the mix because we knew we wanted to continue with two vocalists to pursue a chaotic album.” AGATG welcomed back former vocalist Remi Rodberg, he comments on his return, “It’s on! Garin and the boys asked if I wanted to participate in the band again after about four years and I am ready. I am pumped to be back and jamming again and it makes our brother in the sky proud to see us taking this further than we ever thought.” Guitarist and founding member Arthur Alvarez has also left AGATG, the band comments on his departure, “Over the past year Arthur and the rest of us weren’t seeing eye to eye. Arthur stepping down was the only thing we could all agree on, it was mutual.”

Despite being a vocalist and guitarist down keyboardist and backing vocalist Sean Richmond complemented Rodberg’s vocal style sharing half of all the vocals on the album. Richmond’s unique piano interludes and 8-bit keyboard tones possess wacky dynamics bringing a funky Nintendo sound to the album. Richmond comments on the album, “This was a really fun album to write with all the boys. I have always been a big fan of Remi’s voice on the first two Arsonists records and I was really stoked to work with him on all the lyrics and vocal patterns for this album.” Guitarist Jaeson Bardoni also stepped up and wrote all of the guitar riffs on Listen to the Color. Bardoni comments on the new album, “With the band moral being so high the writing process was easy! Writing with great musicians such as Sean, Garin, Greg, and Remi has been nothing but fun, it was such an awesome process. It’s amazing to have our longtime friend Remi back in the game with us adding his own influences and creative dynamics to our music once again. Whether you’re a fan of our last few albums or our older music or even none of it at all, there is definitely something for all of you to enjoy on this album!

Drummer and founding member Garin Rosen comments on the band and album, “We might not be a full time touring band anymore, but this is something we love to do—friends writing music together. I strongly believe this album will go down as a classic AGATG record. It will be one of the most intense 30 minutes you will listen to…”

Listen to the Color

1. Setting Course For Disaster
2. When I Was Your Age Pluto Was Still A Planet
3. Bottle City
4. MK-ULTRA: Psychotropic Puppets
5. MK-DELTA: Glorified Killers (feat. Cameron Reed former AGATG vocalist)
6. Disease Test The Best
7. Balloon Battle
8. Listen To The color (feat. Robby Bancroft of Five Characters In Search of an Exit)
9. Beast Fist
10. Bardonis Chonies
11. Play The Sheep
12. My Newest Vision (feat. Rob Smith of Heavy Heavy Low Low/Downstariis)
13. Ride The Wave (feat. Garin Rosen of AGATG)
14. Watchers (feat. Kevin McCaughey of Ion Dissonance)
15. Sunny places for shady people

It sounds as if the band will see a return to form of their early material. A half hour through 15 tracks could make for some whacky rapidfire grind-influenced progressive metalcore. Hopefully it turns out well! There’s no album art or release date yet, but we’ll share the news when we get it!

– JR


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