Dillinger Escape Plan - One Of Us Is The Killer

Two of the biggest releases of not only May but the entire year have got to be Tesseract‘s Altered State and The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s One Of Us Is The Killer. Both leaked last week and this weekend both records finally received full-length streams. First up, The Dillinger Escape Plan’s new record One Of Us Is The Killer is out tomorrow, May 14th, on Sumerian Records/Party Smasher, Inc. The album is just a blast of chaotic and progressive metal. It’s hard to say where it stands among their discography, but it seems like a nice mesh of every Dillinger album so far! Check out the stream over at Pitchfork.

Tesseract - Altered State

Tesseract’s new record Altered State is a little further away in terms of physical release (May 28th), but Century Media reacted to the leak with immediacy, trying to turn anxious fans into legal streams with the full album on YouTube. That’s how you deal with a leak! Fans are just dying to hear the album, so if the leak already happened, it can only help to make a legit version available that counts towards some sort of statistics and revenue. Does Century Media’s Youtube have ads? If so, they made money from the leak. Smart.

Listen to Altered State below:


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