Shade Empire - Omega Arcane

Sometimes a very brilliant and promising band can exist somewhere and we will have missed out on them entirely. I mean, sure, we’re supposed to have our ears to the ground and fingers on the pulse and all that other nonsense but we do what we can to get by. At any rate, it’s better late than never! We have for you today a symphonic black metal band from Finland, Shade Empire.

Shade Empire have been around since 1999, which makes my oversight on this group that much more embarrassing. However, the group is just now releasing their first album in five years with Omega Arcane, so cut us a break. The band’s sound is comparable to Wintersun, albeit more sinister, brutal, and melancholic. Check out their latest single ‘Ruins‘ below.


I’m listening to the rest of the album as I’m typing this, and let me tell you that this album worthy of year-end best-of lists. We may or may not crack out a review of it, but don’t sleep on Omega Arcane. It’s out now in Europe through Candlelight Records.

– JR


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