nic demo

Those of you who are friends of me on Facebook have seen me post about these guys already this week, but let’s all pretend this is something new, okay? So there’s this post-black metal band from the Czech Republic called ██████. That’s their name. ██████. They’ve apparently decided that they didn’t need an “actual” name; they go by the name ‘nic’ on Facebook — which is Czech for ‘Nothing’, because I assume Facebook wouldn’t let their page be called ██████ — and the url to their bandcamp page says “wedonthaveaname.”

While this is pretty cool aesthetically (just look at how it was incorporated into their album art above, though it looks awesomely hilarious on gig posters) and is obviously a bit of a gimmick in so far as that’s why I gave them attention in the first place, this makes it pretty hard to find information on the band. Good luck trying to search “██████” on Google. Their music holds up though if you’re a fan of the Deafheaven and Altar of Plagues route to black metal. Check out their demo below, which doesn’t really have track titles either.

– JR


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