Boston’s Revocation are one of the finer exports of modern metal according to many a metalhead. Their all-encompassing, jack-of-all-trades approach delivers the goods for fans of almost any extreme subgenre out there, but never feels derivative or uninspired. Personally, I have yet to hear another band combine intensity, intelligence, skill, and emotion to such an extent, and I’m sure there’s others out there that would agree with me, based on the widespread recognition their 2011 opus Chaos of Forms and its successor Teratogenesis received.  Following a relentless tour cycle that is set to culminate with this year’s rendition of the Summer Slaughter Tour, the guys are going to release their upcoming self-titled full-length this summer. As the first proper release with new bassist Brett Bamberger (ex- East of the Wall) on board, this album is building up quite the anticipation within the community.

Well, now us Revomaniacs (hey, don’t judge, the band members themselves use that term!) finally have a taste of new music to sink our teeth into. The band has released a new studio update video that documents the drum and bass tracking process, along with a snippet of new music to boot. There’s also some neat footage of Brett improvising some bass tapping, as well as some not so neat footage of Brett flashing the sure-to-be unwary audience. And obviously, the guitar solo that opens and closes out the video is as brilliant and shredtastic as anything Dave Davidson has ever laid his fingers on.


You can check out Revocation’s previous stuff on their bandcamp page. If you like what you hear, you can give them a like on Facebook  or even get their latest EP for free, courtesy of Scion A/V.

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