Vale of Pnath

Vale Of Pnath are another one of those bands that I always hear of, but never manage to hear. I guess I could be slightly forgiven seeing as the band released their last album in 2011 and have remained fairly quiet on the whole ‘releasing new material’ part of the bargain which is where I normally catch on, but given the quality of ‘Sightless‘, I should probably check out their debut The Prodigal Empire.


This technical death metal band display all the trademarked talent of any band picked up by Willowtip records and tip their hat to all manner of band’s including ArsisThe Black Dahlia Murder and Gorod. Which makes sense considering the band are currently on tour through America alongside Inanimate ExistanceKamikabe and aforementioned Frenchmen Gorod and while I can’t find much information on their upcoming plans, I can only assume the band must be working on something soon. And this time I’ll be ready for it.

– DL


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