Mumakil - Flies Will Starve

It’s been four long years since Mumakil dropped Behold The Failure on us — an album that blew my tiny sixteen year old mind. Since then, plenty of grind bands have come and gone but not many can hold a candle to the intensity produced in those 27 tracks. Finally, they have returned and have begun the hype machine for their upcoming new album Flies Will Starve with a lyric video for a new track, ‘Wrong Turn‘.


The band stated in preparation for the album:

This will be our best album in terms of production, riff quality, variation and songwriting. It is going to be a great mix between everything we love in grindcore and death-metal with subjects like war, anger, pain, personal experiences and deceptions, and an overall theme about mankind’s permanent will to destroy itself.

I wouldn’t expect anything less from this Swiss grind troupe — Flies Will Starve looks set to give 2013 the grind kick it really needs when it drops on June 25th through the legendary Relapse Records.


– DL


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