sleepers awake

I heard the Sleepers Awake track ‘The Fulcrum‘ for the first time the other day after a trawl through recommended bands on Last.FM and I’ve found myself humming that opening section over and over again, even at the most inopportune times. It’s addictively catchy. Carried by vocalist Chris Thompson’s thick croon, the track winds it way through six and a half minutes of ear-pleasing and slightly sludgy progressive rock that invokes nearly every band they name on their main influences list including Tool, Rush and Mastodon.

The Fulcrum‘ marks one of the latter movements on the band’s second album, Trancension which adorns that beautiful cover art you can see above, that will see be self-released on the 17th of June. And while I’m only going by one track on what is set to be a 70+ minute album, it’s obvious Sleepers Awake are worth keeping an eye on. So go and like them on Facebook or something.

– DL

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