The Safety Fire

The Safety Fire are hard at work on their second album, the follow up to the brilliant Grind The Ocean, and have released a studio update detailing the drum tracking for the album. This video, the first of many by the looks of it, shows the band recording at Middle Farm studios in Devon (I didn’t even know they had that newfangled electricity thing in Devon) and contains brief snippets of drummer Calvin Smith smashing it to some new riffs.


Far be it from me to jump the gun, but from what you can hear here, it’s pretty obvious the band are on track to record a great follow up to Grind…, with those teasing snippets suggesting the band are still hard at work on those winding and weaving riffs that made their debut so enticing. Also worth mentioning, is the band’s recent audition for the UK quiz show Eggheads which shows the band giggling like school kids and even paying homage to their favourite metal blog, Heavy Blog Is Heavy, asking how the Eggheads like their eggs.


The band apparently were selected to take part in the show, with the episode being shown later this year. I’m sure we’ll update you with more information when we have it. Oh yeah, and on that album thing too. Maybe.

Also. Fuck The Safety Fire.


– DL

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