means end - the didact

The internet is a wonderful place full of surprises; both life-enhancing and life-scarring. So when Facebook gave Means End‘s new album The Diadact available to stream as a suggested post, I immediately jumped head first in without regard and just hoped I wasn’t going to fall prey to something sinister.

Thankfully, I was greeted with an album filled to the brim with progressive touches that reference everything from classic Dream Theater to modern day djenty touches and immediate vocals that swim from powerful operatic croons to gruff shouts and screeches. The Diadact is a fascinating listen, filled with vast swaths of ideas and experimentation to keep you interested.


At the time of writing, I’ve only had the chance to listen through once but it’s very clear that The Diadact is an obviously accomplished piece of work from a group of musicians with clear talent that can cycle from juddering and off kilter riffs to dreamy keyboards and jazzy cleans within a matter of seconds. This may be my first interaction with Means End but it going by the quality here, it won’t be the last.

– DL


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