Deafheaven - Sunbather

Okay, I know earlier today I said I’m not too savvy when it comes to black metal, but Deafheaven are one of those bands that pull from the genre that I greatly admire. This US-based band combines post-rock, punk/hardcore, and black metal in such a way that is massive and emotive. We’re dealing with powerful music here, and their sophomore album Sunbather is among my most highly anticipated albums of 2013.

Today we got our first taste of the record through NPR, who are streaming a new track titled ‘Dream House.’ The nine-minute track is exactly what you’d come to expect from the band the second time around, moving in a more melodic direction in the music. The band are just as emotionally intense as ever. Just check out the lyrics:

Hindered by sober restlessness. Submitting to the amber crutch. The theme in my aching prose. Fantasizing the sight of Manhattan; that pour of a bitter red being that escapes a thin frame. The rebirth of mutual love. The slipping on gloves to lay tenderly.
“I’m dying.”
– “Is it blissful?”
“It’s like a dream.”
– “I want to dream.”

While I loved their debut Roads to Judah, ‘Dream House‘ is certainly better than anything from that record. The music just feels more fully realized this time, and between the rushing guitar melodies and the interesting drumming that isn’t just generic blasts, this track bodes well for Sunbather.

Sunbather is out June 11th on Deathwish Records. They need to hurry up and do pre-orders already!

– JR



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