Dillinger Escape Plan - One Of Us Is The Killer

The Radio 1 Rock Show is getting more and more legitimate as the weeks go on. It used to be just pretty good, with smatterings of amazing acts peppered in with the usual less-than-desirable suspects but over the past months each show has been been progressively leaning more and more towards the former rather the latter and, in the most entitled and pretentious way possible, I’m really glad to see some great music being put out there by what is probably the biggest alternative radio show in the UK. Just last night they debuted new tracks from Tesseract, Evile and even The Dillinger Escape Plan — I wasn’t aware it was possible to condense that much amazing new music into one place. And that’s not all of it, the Beeb also quietly unveiled another new DEP track earlier in the week and no one seems to have noticed, meaning you only have a limited amount of time left to listen to it.

Nothing’s Funny‘, the latest track to be unveiled from One Of Us Is The Killer, can be heard here by skipping to 1:10.30 into the show. It’s less immediately intense as the other tracks that have been put forth so far, instead opting for an approach that the band have taken before on tracks like ‘Gold Teeth On A Bum‘ or ‘Black Bubblegum‘ with a heaping spoonful of sugary sweet falsetto vocals and infectious chorus lines, whilst managing to crowbar in some of those winding heavy passages they do so well.

The title track from the album can be heard here, however the timer is counting down as it will be gone by the end of the day so make sure you abuse this right while you can. Skip to 37 minutes in to hear one of the most dynamic tracks the band have attempted thus far, with a dark jazz-y undertone that harkens back to some of their Miss Machine work.


So there you have it,  another insight into what will be one of the greatest records you’ll hear all year.


– DL

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