Tesseract - Altered State

It suddenly hit me while I was writing this up, that Tesseract‘s new album Altered State is still a whole month away. Hell, I’ve even been posting about it, putting the release date in is standard practice but somehow I’d got it into my head that this was imminent, especially when these days an albums release date can creep up on me without notice. Thankfully, after a plethora of short teasers, the insights we’re getting into the record are becoming more frequent and expansive — the latest of which being twofer. It’s hard to complain when we’re being this spoiled.


Of Energy – Singularity‘ was premiered on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show last night and, while it may be a radio edit that only represents roughly half the track in total, it’s another piece of what is threatening to be a very complex and fascinating puzzle. If nothing else, just listen to the section commencing at 3:23 onwards — that’s a frisson moment right there. The band also announced a video was in the making for the track, stating:

The video for ‘Singularity’ is currently being produced by Horsie In The Hedge LLP, featuring the Emmy award winning DoP, Mark Wolf, as well as the effects team behind Prometheus, Skyfall, and Massive Attack’s ‘Tear Drop’. We are stoked!

More info and behind the scenes footage soon!

I’m not a huge film buff so much of those credentials are wasted on me, but the video for ‘Tear Drop‘ was beautiful so they’re definitely in safe hands. On the opposite side of the pond, album opener ‘Of Matter – Proxy‘ was released for you yanks through Spotify but due to region locking has been making rounds on YouTube leading to one of those copyright cat and mouse chases. Those of you in North America can check out the song below, but for the rest of us, we’re going to have to listen through a proxy.

Altered State is set for a May 27th/28th release date through Century Media.

– DL

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