King are a bunch of badasses

As many of you may remember, one of last year’s biggest headlines on Heavy Blog was the story of King, a Michigan tough-guy hardcore/nu-metal sort of group who caused the cancellation of the Lansing, Michigan stop of The Contortionist‘s headlining tour with Jeff Loomis, Chimp Spanner, and 7 Horns 7 Eyes. For those who don’t remember, the King refused to stop playing their local opening set, so the venue cut their power to let the nationally-touring bands play, which caused a riot that lead to the cancellation of the show. A member of King is said to have hit someone with a baseball bat during the event. The whole episode was just despicable and I wished nothing but bad things for the group.

Unfortunately, it looks like contributing to such an event can lead you to a record deal and a ridiculous advance from Roadrunner Records, if this email sent to Heavy Blog last month and recent rumors are to be believed.

This news started to unfold when we received an email in March from a Gary Stephenson with the ridiculously and hilariously juvenile email address [email protected], who had apparently read our glowing review of the band’s set last year:

FYI, the band king that you called a “shitty local band” “don’t bother to check out their Facebook page” just got a $750,000 dollar advance from roadrunner, suck a dick bitch!

Taking the high road isn’t possible for anyone associated with this group, it seems.

At first I discarded the email as a joke. After all, I’m not quite ready to believe in a world — in 2013 anyway — where a band as terrible, ignorant, and violent as King APPEARED to be would get three quarters of a million dollars to record an album from such a major label that was on the brink of disaster just a year ago. I made no mention of this email here or anywhere, for it just reeked of bullshit.

As it turns out though, over a month after the email was sent, I heard through the grapevine through more reliable sources than [email protected] that the band had indeed been signed. What?!

I have two things to address here, assuming the rumor is true:

1) Signing to Roadrunner Records doesn’t validate King for being a legitimate and respectable band. After all, Roadrunner’s flagship artist is Nickelback.

2) A tough guy hardcore/nu metal sound isn’t that big enough to warrant such an outrageous advance. Roadrunner will probably never make that money back if they actually gave them that much money.

I’m not entirely sure, but this story still seems bogus, but then again, the group did play New England Metal and Hardcore Festival this year. Scratch that, they didn’t make the final lineup. Dumber things have happened.

More info when we get it.

– JR


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