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Work-aholic and Canuck genius Devin Townsend is at it again — threatening to constantly outdo everyone’s work ethic and lavish upon us a multitude of new  projects and ideas. Over the weekend, Townsend uploaded two new teasers; one for his dark and moody acoustic project Casualties Of Cool and another for a veritable plethora of unfinished ideas and works.

The Casualties Of Cool work sounds exactly as the man himself explained it would; dark, moody country music. You could go as far as to describe it as Ghost but a little more grounded and earthy — maybe even the half way point between Ghost and Ki? Regardless of needless approximations, take a load off and listen to the teasers:


Alongside this, the collection entitled ‘Current Ideas’ is a little more varied. Covering everything from bouncy acoustics complete with bagpipes to grandiose blastbeats with orchestration, Ziltoid work and even a fucking Venga Boys cover — it’s an extensive and fascinating peak into the mind of one the most creative and pro-active musicians in the metal scene. Although the description reads ‘All of this stuff may get used or get scrapped. No idea yet. Taking it slow and making it perfect ;) Delegating what goes where and when etc can be a bit of a brain buster…‘, if even half these ideas were fleshed out it would certainly make for some interesting music. Plus, I really want that Venga Boys cover.


– DL


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