Echoes of Yul

When it comes to genre tags, I tend to avoid bands that are described as being both drone and doom. While there are highlights from both genres proof that they co-exist with desirable results, the excesses associated with the genre outweigh the possible potential in my mind. I love extreme music and I think of myself as being open minded, but I don’t like the idea of a 17 minute song filled with four chords and too much feedback. It’s more of a live experience than a regular listening habit, you know?

However, I recently stumbled across a band called Echoes of Yul who are definitely worth mentioning. The mysterious Polish two-piece carries are equal parts Sigur Ros and Sunn O))); of course we’re talking about expansive songs, but instead of oppressive noise, Echoes of Yul capture beautiful and soothing sounds through their slow churning riffs and broad atmospherics.

The duo just recently released a new record called Cold Ground through the appropriately titled Avantgarde Music. You can listen to a track from the album, ‘Last‘, below.


If you liked that, you can stream the rest via Bandcamp.

– JR


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