The Occupants

Even though Karnivool‘s Themata preceeded it by just a few months, there can be no doubt that it was Cog‘s seminal 2005 debut album, The New Normal, that ushered in the golden era of Australian progressive rock that continues to this day.  However, after the release of only two albums, and with seemingly so much more to offer, Cog disbanded quite suddenly in 2010, leaving many to wonder what the future might hold for this trio of talented-trailblazers.

Since that time, drummer Lucius Borich has kept himself busy with projects including FloatingMe and The Nerve, but until now, nothing has been heard from the enigmatic Gower brothers, Flynn and Luke.  Last week, however, details began to emerge of a new project from the Gowers, called The Occupants, the group also posting their first song to their Facebook page.  Recorded late last year with Australia’s foremost alternative and progressive rock producer, Forrester Savell, the song is entitled ‘I’ve Been Thinking’, and showcases Flynn’s trademark vocals melodies, but is otherwise a noticeably more mood oriented and synth-styled song than the overtly guitar based and politically motivated music of Cog.

At this stage, it is unknown what plans the Gowers have for The Occupants, or when we can expect to hear any further material from them, but this is certainly one of the more exciting developments in Australian music this year, and in the mean time, the track is well worth a listen below!


– GS




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