KEN Mode

In one of the craziest stories I’ve come across related to India, it has come to my knowledge that Winnipeg’s noise-rock band KEN mode will be contributing their brand of crazy, over-the-top hardcore/sludge/noise-rock to a Bollywood movie!

KEN mode recently came out with their superb album Entrenched few months ago that we never got around to review, but rest assured, it is great! They’re still touring North America for the album yet out of nowhere, last night Kurt Ballou wrote on his facebook page that he was working with KEN mode over at his God City studio, recording some source material for Brian McOmber’s score to Anurag Kashyap’s new Bollywood movie, “Ugly”.

My friends in KEN mode stopped by for lunch yesterday on a break between tours. I immediately put them to work recording some source material for Brian McOmber’s score to the new Anurag Kashyap film, Ugly.

Anurag Kashyap is a critically acclaimed Bollywood director with many successful mainstream films such as 2012’s Gangs Of Wasseypur and 2010’s Dev D.  Kashyap is considered one of the most influential and important directors in Indian cinema.

Like any other sensible, non-conformist, Bollywood hating Indian metalhead like myself, you can imagine my surprise to hear an obscure metal artist like KEN mode would be contributing in some form to a Bollywood movie. Even the thought of this kind of music making its way into a movie where people still burst into colorful songs and dance in synchronization to cheesy lip-syncing is baffling to me. This has got me very intrigued to say the least and I honestly can’t imagine how this kind of music will be incorporated into a Bollywood movie. I guess this is going to be more of “seeing is believing” if I ever get to watch the movie. The end result should be interesting. The movie’s slated for release sometime next month but like the internet meme goes, not sure if want.