Although most of you probably don’t give a damn, I really enjoy The Devil Wears PradaDead Throne was in my top 10 of 2011 and marked a dramatic shift from their previous breakdown-heavy, typical metalcore sound and brought in new influences, making for their most cohesive and exciting record to date. Now nearly two years after beginning the recording for Dead Throne, the band are now in the studio once more with Adam Dutkiewicz and Matt Goldman, which rules.

Drummer Chris Rubey shared the above image on Instagram, with the following:

Ready for drummies. Gonna sound like a bajillion dollars. Pumped!

The band have stated that with the first three albums they were wearing their influences on their sleeves, and with Dead Throne they finally made the music they had been wanting to make from the start. They’ve already began playing a new song, entitled ‘Gloom’, live while touring with As I Lay Dying, and it sounded killer, though the quality lacked. However, I’m still excited for this release, and you should be too! We’ll keep you updated as more info comes in. In the mean time, go spin Dead Throne.



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