Evile are one of those bands that have always been around but I’ve never given enough time to. Hell, I was even at the gig that apparently got them signed to Earache and I still managed to somehow pass on it — not because they weren’t good, they were spectacular, I just never got round to it. Thankfully, with the band set to release a new album Skull later this year, I have time to right my wrongs and with the release of ‘Underworld‘ for streaming, I’m glad I decided to.

These British thrashers definitely understand what made the genre so captivating to begin with — those gun fire riffs and surprisingly anthemic choruses all come together to one hell of a head-moving track. The most obvious reference here would have to be classic (and best) Metallica, Matt Drake’s a dead ringer for Hetfield in places, and if even Metallica themselves can’t get anywhere near their former greatness, why the hell shouldn’t these guys give it a go? And give it a damn good go they do, Skull should be something spectacular, check it out for yourself here over at Decibel.


Also, check out that album art, it’s like MC Escher on a bad acid trip.


– DL


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