You all likely know the story by now; Extol are an influential progressive metal band out of Norway that disbanded in 2007 and reformed to much praise in 2012 with the promise of a new studio album. We even interviewed frontman Peter Espevoll while the band were wrapping up work on their new album. Their comeback couldn’t have come at a better time! Extreme prog is more popular than ever, and their influence has grown even more obvious, with The FacelessAuthotheism pulling pretty heavily from the Extol playbook.

After the long wait for details and new music, the band have finally delivered. Extol announced this week that their new self-titled album will be out this summer, and have given us their first new song since 2005 with ‘Open the Gates.’ Listen after the jump.


Needless to say, the song rocks. It captures that distinct Scandinavian prog sound we love so much from bands like Leprous, Ihsahn, and older Opeth material. We’ll be able to hear how the rest of the album holds up June 25 when the album is released by Indie Recordings and Facedown Records, but so far so good!

– JR


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