This year I was introduced to the one man band Author & Punisher, wherein mastermind Tristan Shone composes drone-influenced industrial metal with homemade instruments. I was blown away by Shone’s live show and stage presence, so much so that I hit him up at his merch booth for an impromptu 20-minute interview. Seriously one of the nicest dudes ever, and he signed a copy of last year’s album Ursus Americanus for me. SCORE.

The interview will be coming up in a few weeks as the release of his new album Women & Children draws nearer. The first song from the record titled ‘In Remorse’ has finally been made available via Pitchfork, and woah, man. It’s very good.

The song pretty much captures the spirit of Author & Punisher in some ways, yet changes things up since Ursus Americanus. I’m not saying A&P has gone all accessible, but the song is downright catchy in the best possible way. Women & Children is going to rule and has shot up to my top five MUST GET albums coming out on the horizon after hearing ‘In Remorse.’ It’s worth putting up with Pitchfork’s terrible audio player to hear it, for sure.

Women & Children is due out June 11th on Seventh Rule Records. If you’re not too familiar with A&P’s music and are just now getting privy, check out his video for ‘Terrorbird‘ from Ursus Americanus below.


– JR

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