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Since Jon Carpenter made the decision to leave The Contortionist to focus on his fiance (once again, congrats dude!) and his future family, videos have been popping up everywhere of people auditioning to their song ‘Holomovement‘ and ‘Geocentric Confusion’ from their most recent LP Instrinsic. However, as of late last night, some new information came up and it’s very interesting stuff. Keep in mind none of this has been confirmed by the band yet, so this may all turn out false, but right now, it doesn’t appear that way.

Nikki Simmons, former vocalist of Morningside, uploaded a video, apparently unlisted on Youtube, of her performing the track. Her cleans are stunning, though her screams need some work. With practice and some time she can perfect it and be a great female vocalist in deathcore/progressive metal. But there is a deeper reason behind this. Why would someone who plays in a more pop-sounding rock band go for this? Well, according to a source close to the band, she is very good friend with the guys in the band. Allegedly, they asked her to do this vocal audition because they are strongly considering her to fill the vocalist spot. Why would this be? Well, according to the source, they want to move to a more clean-vocal laden sound in the future, and figured they would hire Nikki, an extremely capable vocalist, to help with that. In a statement from Nikki:

“I would say that we are pretty good friends. I would not say “super close”, but I’m on a text basis with half of them and been to more shows/tours than I can remember. They did not ask me directly to make the video, but I was encouraged to participate in the audition as melodic vocals/ability to play piano are just as important to them as growling and scream vocals.
They’re all incredibly on point in their technique and deliverance of emotion through instrumentation and I would be extremely fortunate to find myself amongst such company.”

This is interesting. While I can see The Contortionist using cleans throughout the majority of a record, I almost miss the really heavy growls that were present on Exoplanet and some songs on Intrinsic. I think they would be making a bold move to hire a female vocalist, especially with metal, and though it may come off as gimmicky, you can see she is capable to perform clean vocals, though screams need work. We’ll have more on this story as it develops, if it even happens, but for now, watch the video and leave your comments below!



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