Woe - Withdrawal

Today marks the release of Woe‘s new album Withdrawal and, as is customary in this day and age, the entire thing is now available stream through CVLT Nation. As was talked about last time, the record marks a shift in the band’s sound towards a more crusty black metal sound, which is an odd move for a band whose previous album was entitled Quietly, Dramatically as Withdrawal is described by neither of of those things.

What’s not odd, however, is how much this works. If Darkthrone taught us anything, it’s that black metal and crust are secret bedfellows just waiting to be reunited. The tremolo picked riffs are still there and this is still distinctly black metal but Withdrawal feels all together more loose and spontaneous than it’s predecessors, continuing their ‘each album better than the last’ mantra. Seriously, just one listen to ‘All Bridges Burned‘ should have you agreeing that this is one of the best black metal releases of the year so far.


– DL


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