The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is a bit of a joke really, and that’s putting it nicely. Having ‘Rock And Roll’ in the title is a bit of misnomer when some of the latest inductees include Randy Newman, Donna Summer and Abba. Plus, what’s more rock and roll than a bunch of people sitting around and deciding who’s ‘rock and roll’ enough for their special club? Regardless, amongst the list of criminally overlooked acts, one of the most famous was Canadian prog kings Rush but 2013 was the year that they finally go the validation they needed — all those world tours and all those millions of records sold have been mere blips in their story compared to this.

Thankfully the ceremony saw the band doing what they do best and even included an amazing cover of the first section of the epic ‘2112‘ by two members of the Foo Fighters and recent Rush producer Nick Raskulinecz, complete with kimonos and garish platform shoes. Considering the fact that they were covering a band in front of thousands of their fans, wearing some pretty unsuitable garb, I’d say they did amazingly well. Check it out after the jump!


All this just solidifies the idea that Grohl and co. are great and that ‘2112‘ is a timeless classic that always sounds great and that everyone should know off by heart by now (seriously, if you’re reading this and you don’t, for shame, hop to it right now you mug). Also, be sure to check out Alex Lifeson’s acceptance speech, it’s just the greatest thing. Skip to 4:45.




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