confine setting fire

Keeping up with the UK scene is impossibly hard sometimes, excuse my obvious bias, but it seems there’s just a lot of great bands popping up lately. The latest offender is Confine, consisting of members of some of the best UK extreme metal acts including OblivionizedThe Afternoon Gentlemen, Horsebastard and Human Cull, who have put together this one time project to create some inhumanely crusty grind in the form of Setting Fire To The Western Hemisphere, which is available for free here at their bandcamp page.

Grind may not be the most popular sub-genre round here but I couldn’t really pass up the chance to share this — it’s fast, ruthless and has all the short, sharp, shock characteristics needed for a great grind release with references to every single one of the aforementioned bands. You can also watch the studio diary for the release (which is roughly the same length as the album itself) below, which includes discussions on playing bass with screwdriver, talking in guitar sounds and how shaving is for pussies.


– DL


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