Anata have been in some weird state of existence for quite some time now. The last material this top-notch Swedish tech-death outfit released was way back in 2006 in The Conductor’s Departure and since then it’s been a whole bunch of ‘ask the other guys’ between the band and Earache records. However, now with a recent post on the Earache Records facebook page, it looks like the inevitable has finally been hinted at with a series of hashtags.

You can read the post here, but details aren’t exactly in abundance. I guess I wasn’t expecting a sudden song and dance about how the album is ready and would be released immediately, but as far as I was aware, the band were still slowly working on Greed Conquers All. A little further digging unearthed this post from Anata’s section on the SMN Forums posted in the beginning of 2011 which details the following e-mail from Earache head Digby Pearson:

Recorded in 2008?? That’s wrong dude… Where are you reading this
misleading info?

that’s when they STARTED the album bro….4 years ago the drums went down,
errr at least we think they did??

Then … Nothing

we had 3 years of silence…. Which is not really how we expect
professional bands to conduct business.

See Frediks email below where he states the album is not even finished as at
May 2011.

No vocals, no mix.

Fredrik was kind enough to email and explain the delay, and enquire if we
still had any interest in this Anata instrumental album, without vocals,
and unmixed.

I said thanks, but no thanks.


So it doesn’t really look like there is anyone to blame or anything, just seems like the project slowly fizzled out. Combine that with a lack of communication and it’s rather anti-climactic end for such a great band, hopefully the future will produce something new from this ridiculously talented group but it doesn’t look like it will be any time soon. At least we still have their back catalogue to enjoy — if you haven’t heard The Conductor’s Departure then, while it may seem redundant now, I would highly encourage you to check it out, it’s one of the more under-appreciated gems in the world of tech death.


– DL


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