Indiegogo is great as it has provided a great opportunity for individuals to bring their ideas and creativity to fruition outside of traditional distribution markets such as record labels. Similar to Protest The Hero, Misery Signals has now hopped on board with IndieGoGo and with great success.

As of their most recent update they managed to reach their goal of $50,000 within 36 hours. As of this writing their current dollar total raised reads $64,936, which is incredible. What’s better is that you can still contribute to their new record and everything that comes with it such as touring, merchandise, etc. by donating.

The “perks” of donating start with a digital download of their newest album for $10. The most expensive perk still available, for $350, is to have your voice heard on the newest album by performing group vocals through gang shouts. Personally, I’ve already selected the limited edition CD perk as I want my copy as soon as possible. Here is the link to their most recent frequently asked questions regarding the campaign. In the meantime, please enjoy this excellent tune from Controller, with lyrics that never fail to chill.



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