Fleshgod Apocalypse

It was pretty much a safe bet that Italian symphonic death metal group Fleshgod Apocalypse were readying a new album; the band pretty much confirmed as much earlier this year. Now it seems that the official PR machine is just about ready to leave the station as the band are hard at work in the studio recording their new record!

Here is the unabridged skinny on the album via the band’s Facebook page:

Italian symphonic death metal act FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE are currently working on their third full-length with producer Stefano Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio.

Cristiano Trionfera (guitar, vocals) states:
“We are tracking guitars now, and the result is amazing… Stefano is nailing it and we know the album will sound incredibly powerful.”

For this album the band also used the precious collaboration of very talented guests, which gave a great contribution to make it a unique piece of art.

Tommaso Riccardi (guitar, vocals) commented:
“The concept of this album is based on the myth of the Labyrinth of Knossos and every character related to it. We focused on the philological aspect in order to represent all the elements of the classic world and, through a manic and meticulous research, we managed to create a  metaphor with our times, as the maze can be associated with the endless search for what we really are. We’re sure you will be stunned by this as much as we are.”

Francesco Paoli (drums) adds:
“It’s difficult to recap in a few words all the elements contained in our new work, but we are sure this will absolutely be THE album for us.

We have spent a lot of time composing these new songs and, even if recordings are not finished yet, we can firmly declare that this material is simply incredible, more mature and definitely a huge step forward from all our previous works. Epic complex harmony, sophisticated touching melodies, a true vocal aggression, photonic grooves and back to articulated riffing… these are just few things you will find in this album. It’s fucking quality music, you will see.”

The bands third album is due in August 2013 via Nuclear Blast records worldwide.

Exciting prospects! Their last album Agony was among one of the best death metal albums that saw the light of day in 2011, and I expect just as much this time around. Can’t wait to see how this goes!

– JR

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