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I typically subscribe to the belief that there is an indisputable “big four” of djent — Periphery, Tesseract, Vildhjarta, and Uneven Structure — and that these acts are miles ahead of the rest in the genre for various reasons. Uneven Structure for instance has always had this knack of being somewhat (perhaps unintentionally) Pink Floydian in spirit, with ambient soundscapes, epic progressive compositions, and the visuals to match. Case in point, the new video for ‘Frost/Hail’ from their brilliant 2011 debut album Februus.

The video, which is now available for streaming at Metal Injection, combines ‘Frost‘ with a chunk from the following track ‘Hail.’ It’s kind of a bummer that the band didn’t use the entire song, but a 13-minute music video would be asking for too much and I know that guitarist/graphic artist Igor Omodei has been slaving over this video for months. Regardless, the band executed the cut just right and the video looks gorgeous.

Februus is out now on Basick Records, and will be available in Europe this weekend as an exclusive vinyl record for Record Store Day. Since I’m based in America, I can’t get the Februus vinyl just yet, so count yourselves lucky if you love across the pond. Someone pick me up a copy and I’ll reimburse you. Seriously.

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