Yard of Blondes

Although every post here about Yard Of Blondes has been prefaced by a sort of ‘warning: NOT METAL’ disclaimer, but in a world where Ghost and Chelsea Wolfe appeal to a large sub-section of the metal community, I can’t see why they would be particularly out of place. Take their new video for ‘Monomoria‘, which we missed the first time around — it’s a twisted tale of a jealous ex murdering her once beloved and his current beloved. Hell, even the title describes depression so severe it manifests in the form of extreme agitation, anorexia and loss of pleasure in all activities. Brutal.


The band’s murder ballads are as catchy as they are deranged and their twee but dark indie rock frames that contrast perfectly. ‘Monomoria‘, taken from their latest EP release Murderology, has been an ohrwurm for me since the first time I heard it and it probably won’t leave me alone for a good while longer.

Murderology is out now on High Desert Lo-Fi Records and you can read our review of the EP here.

– dL

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