Recently, Alkahest extolled the virtues of having beautifully enticing album art with Plini and so today, I present to you, the complete antithesis of that idea in Hessian‘s Manégarmr. Look out how disgusting that is, I mean, I’m not particularly averse to or scared of insects or anything but that is just… It looks genuinely crunchy. A mess of legs and carapaces without anything that looks ‘complete’. So naturally, I had to check it out.

CVLT Nation have the stream for the latest track released in preparation for the release of Manégarmr, ‘Mourn The World‘. In a similar vein to a lot of recent Southern Lord releases, the crust here is prevalent with massive riffs and tortured shouts being the main focus — it’s darker than Nails and looser than Black Breath whilst still maintaining some resemblance to the two. This Belgian lot will drop Manégarmr on us come April 30th through their aforementioned label but can listen to another track ‘Plague Monger‘ here in the mean time.


– DL

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