Tesseract - Altered State

We’re always saying it; rock and metal need more saxophones. Tesseract are no strangers to this desire for more non-traditional instruments in heavier context, exploring the idea while the band were still bedroom demo status. It seems the band has finally brought this aspect of their sound into a significant release, as the band have unveiled their third teaser trailer for Altered State featuring the track ‘Of Reality — Calabi-Yau’.


I’m told the entire track is essentially just a movement of music leading from the previous track being expanded upon with a saxophone solo, so this is apparently the bulk of ‘Calabi-Yau.’ The saxophone player is also purportedly Chris Barretto of Ever Forthright, which not only makes sense, but is really fucking cool.

Are you excited for Altered State?! You should be! This is looking like it may just top One at this rate. The record is due out May 27th on Century Media Records.

– JR


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