Ever since I first heard Nachtmystium‘s Assassins: Black Meddle Part I, I considered myself a bit of a passing fan and enjoyed each of their albums since. Their blend of black metal with psychedelic and industrial flourishes made them an interesting listen. With this in mind, I was at first a bit surprised when browsing No Clean Singing this morning to find out that the band have apparently disbanded.

Now I’m not gonna claim that I’ve been the most attentive fan when it comes to Nachtmystium — my fandom is pretty casual and is activated with “oh cool, they have new music coming out” — so I completely missed the fact that frontman Blake Judd recently said in an interview that Nachtmystium were on a bit of a hiatus. If I had seen it, I wouldn’t have thought it odd; the band have always gone through a revolving door of lineup changes, and Judd’s got his fingers in a lot of pies, so to speak. Dude’s always busy with some sort of project, so it would make sense. In fact, the following statement has been passed along:

“We are sorry to inform you that NACHTMYSTIUM have decided to cancel all their live activities in the foreseeable future. The band has parted ways with their long time lead guitarist, Andrew Markuszewski, and their recording engineer/synth player, Sanford Parker. The remaining three bandmembers of NACHTMYSTIUM as of today are going to bring the band to a state of hiatus.”

However, there’s been a rumor floating around that the band had broken up, which was exacerbated by the fact that the band’s Facebook page is no longer published. It’s pretty odd that a band would remove their social network platforms in a mere state of hiatus, given the potential for clickthroughs to music and merch sales and whatnot. More word on this when it comes it.

But fret not, fellow casual fans. Judd’s current focus Hate Meditation is basically Nachtmystium, but with less avant-garde influence (as far as I can tell). Here’s another album to add to your list of anticipated records for 2013.


Hate Meditation’s Scars is due out May 24th on Indie Recordings.

– JR



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