Church of Misery

Japanese serial-killer obsessed doom rock — that’s probably the most accurate way to describe Church Of Misery, a band so engrossed in their morbid fascination that every single song is a retelling of the horrific deeds committed by one of those reprehensible sub-humans and that at one point threw away all the material gathered for their full-length debut because it wasn’t written with that concept in mind. Creepy.


Call it a gimmick or whatever you want, the band know their style well and churn out of some of the most fuzzy and psychedelic swaggering rock and roll possible these days, all filtered through grimy lens of gory slasher flicks. ‘Brother Bishop (Gary Heidnik)‘ is taken from the band’s new album Thy Kingdom Scum and displays everything that makes them so captivating, beyond the doom-y Sabbath-ian opening the entire track slowly degenerates into a warped and deranged throwback to all the sleaziest rock and roll bands.

Thy Kingdom Scum will be released onto the public May 27th in Europe through both Rise Above Records and June 11th in the US through Metal Blade Records.


– DL


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