Last week, we tipped you off that New Jersey based metallers Beyond Dishonor were preparing a music video for a song inspired by the best show on television, AMC’s Breaking Bad (this is evident and smart people agree). We showed you the teaser, but now the full video is available below.


The video’s obviously pretty neat, and the nods to Breaking Bad are obviously there, but what I’m mostly geeking out over are the lyrics:

I am the danger.
I’ll never be the one who answers, who do you think I am?
I am the one who knocks.
Spending hours perfecting the formula.
As this cancer eats us whole, I started cooking, It gives me something to live for.
With one foot in the grave, I still stand for something.
If you don’t you will fall for anything.
You must respect the science.
You don’t know the lengths that I have gone.

I tip my hat to Beyond Dishonor for writing a song about Breaking Bad. That just gets me all kinds of excited for this summer’s series finale.

But credit where it’s due, the song ‘Heisenberg‘ itself is pretty groovy, a la After the Burial. I’m gonna have to check out their new album Generations when it drops later this year. Keep up with the band on Facebook in the mean time for more information.

– JR

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