Amon Amarth - Deceiver of the Gods

Hey everyone, guess what! The new Amon Amarth will be about Vikings! What a witty and observant person I am!

To be honest, I sort of dread whenever Amon Amarth release anything that isn’t new music because it suddenly brings out the worst in some people, as though I’d be spending my time with the band admiring their beautifully complex album art and being in complete awe of their extremely intellectual and mind-bending subject matter. Yeah, no. I’m in it for masterfully crafted catchy melodeath and more anthemic choruses than you can shake a drinking horn at.


Deceiver Of The Gods‘ is more of the same from the Motorhead of melodeath and previous fans will find more than enough to latch onto here — this track will happily find it’s way into the band’s live setlist and probably become another soundtrack to a thousand downed beers and a thousand more shoddily dressed vikings jumping about in the mud. Honestly, this has got my hopes up for Deciever… after their previous outing Surtur Rising got sort of lost in the huge number of great releases from the last few years so I’ll be marking June 21st down as a date to remember.

– DL


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