Sometimes all it takes for a band to earn a listen is outstanding exhibition of the music. Logically, we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but the easiest way for new acts to get attention these days as far as I’m concerned is to have outstanding album art. It seems almost counter-intuitive in some ways since streaming music is so fast and easy and physical copies aren’t selling so well. We’re not thumbing through record stores so much anymore, but if I see eye-popping artwork shared on my Facebook feed, I pay attention.

This is what lead to the discovery of Plini, an Australian instrumental prog rock solo act. For weeks, I saw the above artwork for the EP Other Things appear sporadically across my news feed, and finally decided to give it a listen based on how beautiful the piece was. As it turns out though, a good friend of ours Alex Pryle (Carthage, NYN, Ever Forthright) did the artwork. Pryle has also done some work for us in the past with logos and background images. Small world! It’s good to see him getting work!

As it turns out, the music is on par with the artwork! Check out ‘Heart‘ below:


Other Things is available now on Bandcamp, and I’d recommend the listen. Physical copies are also available in limited number, so hop on that while you still can.

– JR


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