You’re probably at least tangentially aware that Megadeth have been working on a new album, whether that be the constant drip feeding of song titles, extensive studio updates or even through the furor that came about due to the fact it contains a guest spot from David Draiman, of all people. Regardless… Sorry. Irregardless, hard details have been few and far between but today marks the first substantial wave of information, including the slightly garish cover art seen above and a fifty second snippet from a new track, ‘Don’t Turn Your Back‘.


Megadeth have been pretty consistent for the last few albums and, I’ll be honest, I’m more than happy with that — there’s always a few completely amazing tracks that harken back to band’s best days and the rest is always, at least, fun. I’d hate to look too far into ‘Don’t Turn Your Back‘ as it’s only a small part of a much larger album, but this one sounds like they’re leading with the back foot a little as it kind of plods along. Regardless, there’s much much more to hear, I remember feeling wary about Thirteen but that turned out great and at least Dave will have some interesting lyrical concepts for this record given it’s scientific theme, right?

And if you look at the Super Collider, the thing itself — whether it does a damn bit of good or not, nobody really knows; I don’t know how it’s gonna correlate to lowering gas prices or anything like that, or getting people to stop trying to run everybody’s lives right now and the dumbing down of America… But it’s really cool if you look at how big it is.

Right. OK then.

– DL


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