As you all are likely aware by now, Machine Head have parted ways with long time bassist Adam Duce and have opened up the audition process to the public. Not long after, the tried and true Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory released a try-out video for the band, even though he was surely familiar enough with the band that he could have just rung up Rob Flynn like, “sup.” Without even looking at the video, everyone pretty much knows that Wolbers is certainly qualified for the job.


But apparently the band either didn’t realize that Wolbers auditioned — which is a pretty dubious assumption — or they’ve decided to level the playing field, because they’ve announced that they’re still searching for a permanent fill-in and will be holding in-person tryouts soon.

“Machine Head would like to thank all of the people who have submitted YouTube clips so far, we want you all to know that we’ve watched all of your videos, and while there may not have been an initial confirmation/reply that your video was received, we have been going through each of the many submissions one-by-one. We will continue taking submissions until next Friday, April 19th, at which point we will stop accepting submissions, select candidates and begin tryouts.

If you want to submit your clips but have not yet done so, make sure you do before next Friday. Videos can be set to private with the only allowed viewer set to the audition e-mail address ([email protected]), should you choose.

Remember, you are being asked to play bass AND sing. Anyone who is not also singing in their clips will unfortunately have to be overlooked, so if you’re going through the instrumental effort, give the singing a shot!

Thanks to everyone for all of the submissions so far, your time and effort is sincerely appreciated.”

Personally, I don’t see why they didn’t just call in Wolbers and cut the hassle of having to sweep through a bunch of videos of kids playing Machine Head covers on YouTube. Sure, there’s this added sense of accessibility and excitement to the possibility that, “oh my god, I actually have a chance at being in Machine Head,” but the pairing of Machine Head and Wolbers makes sense, unless Rob Flynn knows something that Wolbers doesn’t in regards to their chemistry. I mean, the dudes worked together before in the past:


Somebody make this happen, please.

– JR


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