Tesseract - Altered State

Tesseract‘s hotly anticipated sophomore album Altered State is just around the corner, and with a single and two teaser samples available, excitement is at an all time high. The British progressive metal group have been letting out bits of news every couple of weeks since Altered State‘s announcement, with the tracklist recently coming to light. The flow of information doesn’t stop there, though!

On Twitter, Tesseract openly bemoaned how long it takes to come up with a 51-minute animation, which pretty overtly implies that Altered State will be accompanied with some sort of video. I can imagine that Tesseract are making like Mastodon, who packaged their latest album The Hunter with a DVD featuring trippy visualizations that were custom-tailered to each track. If that’s the case, then NEAT. An album that supposedly has the flow of a singular song and artwork fit for top-notch visuals (above) would benefit greatly to similar treatment.

But then again, Tesseract have also completed work on a short film for a music video, so could this music video be one chapter of a full animated movie for Altered State? Probably not, but it’d be cool to think about, eh?

Of course, this is just speculation and it remains to be seen what the group are up to exactly, but it’s going to be good. Altered State is out May 28th on Century Media Records.

– JR


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