Thy Art Is Murder

Last week, we reported that Rings of Saturn had won the fan voting contest to open up this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour. It was a controversial win, because the polls had stayed open longer than the tour had reported and the band only narrowly beat out runner-ups Thy Art Is Murder by 1% — just a handful of votes. It was close, but Rings of Saturn got the nod at the end of the day and were added to the Summer Slaughter roster.

However, Thy Art Is Murder are still likely to be included in this year’s Summer Slaughter festivities. Including Rings of Saturn, the tour had a lineup of 9 bands, while the annual tour usually keeps 10 consistent bands on the lineup. Following the closing of the contest, Thy Art Is Murder posted the following status update on Facebook:

The Summer Slaughter Tour competition is over!! Congratulations to the guys in Rings of Saturn for scoring the spot on the tour! This doesn’t mean you miss out on seeing us America!  STAY TUNED m/

The first assumptions would have been that the band would headline the Slaughter Survivors tour, but eventually, the Summer Slaughter Tour Facebook posted the following status update:

so who would be stoked if Thy Art Is Murder got added to the tour?

So it’s pretty safe to assume that the final lineup will include both Rings of Saturn and Thy Art Is Murder, which I feel makes the tour that much stronger. I can’t wait for dates to be announced so I can plan out my summer accordingly. We’ll pass them along when they come in.

– JR

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