I’ve been keeping an eye on Anciients for a while, checking out tracks here and there, but I don’t think much could have prepared me for the vicious face-stomp of their Season Of Mist debut Heart Of Oak. Early Baroness and Intronaut collides here with more riff heavy bands like The Sword or even High On Fire, all conglomerating to a sound whose sole purpose is to dredge up the sludgiest riffs possible and clean them up to sharpen them even more.

It’s exciting to hear bands get things so right on their debut album, especially when they can seem to so effortlessly career through an 8 minute track without it ever outstaying it’s welcome. Each track is meticulously crafted and obviously the work of master craftsman, but it’s when they completely let go and create some, almost Opeth-ian, monstrous riffs that you can really hear why Season Of Mist snapped this band up based on one demo. You can stream Heart Of Oak in full here at the band’s bandcamp page.


– DL


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