Savannah sludge titans Kylesa have been slowly ramping up to the release of their new album Ultraviolet with a handful of new tracks that somehow passed me by, there’s just way too much great stuff being released these days. Thankfully, I picked up the pace and caught ‘Vultures Landing‘ just as it was posted on the Terrorizer blog.

It’s been a good few years Spiral Shadow was released and pummeled everyone with it’s dusty desert jams, but it looks like the band are on good form and it’s even better to hear a track lead on vocals by guitarist Laura Pleasants, whose crooning voice carries much of the track and even manages to cut through those distinctly gritty guitars that have always been the band’s mainstay. In all, it’s a little more dreamy and psychedelic than the majority of their output but that’s not a permanent change, given the other tracks we’ve heard from UltravioletRegardless, you can make your own mind up 24th of May when Season Of Mist drop this upon us.

– DL


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