Ghost - Infestissumam

We’ve got the new Ghost album spinning at Heavy Blog HQ, and we’re so on the ball that we have a review of it coming up later today. Here’s a spoiler alert though: We like it. A lot. The album’s closing track ‘Monstrance Clock’ is a groovy track in particular — but that’s more of the 70’s type of groovy, if you know what we mean.

Rolling Stone has the track’s exclusive streaming, and while it’s awesome that Ghost’s dubious shtick is taking off in such a mainstream environment, whoever it was that penned the article is definitely out of their element. Calling the group “metal rockers” and comparing them to the likes of Metallica and Mastodon, and getting the song title wrong paints Rolling Stone as irrelevant to our genre as ever. Hire me, Rolling Stone. I’ll be your metally contributor. I’ll even work for less than what you’d normally pay, and I’ll get you results.

But back on point, the new Ghost track rules. You’ll find that the new album has this sort of evil disco thing going on instead of traditional doom metal, which I believe is something similar to what Rob Zombie tried to do in the past, but, y’know, this is actually good. Listen to it here.

Infestissumam is due out April 16th on Loma Vista Recordings.


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