Victory Records have just done the unthinkable and signed the black metal band Erimha to their roster. This is especially odd coming from the label that have been shying away from “legitimate” metal acts and instead tends to sign more commercially viable scene/bro acts like Emmure, The Bunny The Bear, and Design the Skyline. What we’re talking here is a fanbase of kids with neon-colored mullets, ear gauges, and white dudes who have knuckle tattoos and think it’s okay to use the word “nigga” in reference to themselves. That label is now called home to a black metal band. That’s weird, right?

Let’s face it; metal bands have been bailing out of Victory Records once their contracts expire. Between the Buried and Me, Within The Ruins, and Ringworm in particular have said adios to the label once their obligations were done and found more appropriate homes elsewhere, and currently rostered Jungle Rot will probably do the same.  Victory seemed to be moving away from that direction over the last few years anyway, so this new signing is a bit surprising. Erimha are a black metal band that dons corpse paint and performs Behemoth/Dimmu Borgir style extreme symphonic metal, so it’s a little odd that both parties were interested in working together considering the rest of the label’s roster. Hopefully this means there’s going to be stronger metal focus from Victory in the coming years. They broke some big-name metal acts over the years, so maybe they’d like to re-focus and do it again?

Here’s the introduction video:


Erimha will embark on their first U.S. tour in June with their debut album for Victory Records to be released this summer. Legitimately looking forward to hearing it!

– JR

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