I tend to think of these  yearly summer package tours that Sumerian Records and the Pantheon Agency put on as falling on a certain spectrum. One one end you have Summer Slaughter, meant for fans of more extreme music which has now branched out to appeal to prog fans. On the other end All Stars Tour appeals to more hardcore/scene fans — think a selection of bands that you could see on the heavier end of Warped. I tend to align myself with Summer Slaughter Tour and avoid All Stars like the plague, but this year’s All Stars tour has at least three bands I’d LOVE to see!

Here’s the lineup:

Every Time I Die
Chelsea Grin
Veil of Maya
Stray From The Path
Capture the Crown
For All Those Sleeping
Volumes (select dates)
Structures (select dates)

The biggest problem with this tour is Chelsea Grin’s high billing. For someone who’s supposed to keep his finger on the pulse of this whole music thing, I didn’t know Chelsea Grin were more popular than Veil of Maya, Terror, or IWABO. Today I learned.

Dates are to be announced soon. We’ll throw them your way when they’re released.

– JR


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